The All Care Health Center Ambassador initiative is All Care Health Center’s effort to educate and recognize community partners who are dedicated to sharing All Care’s mission and initiatives throughout the community.

As an All Care Health Center Ambassador, partners commit to working with All Care and other Ambassadors to strengthen the awareness of and access to community health services, especially those for those that are underserved and underrepresented.

All Care Ambassadors serve a pivotal communication role — helping to improve Council Bluffs’ awareness of healthcare options available for everyone.

To be officially recognized as an All Care Ambassador, an organization or individual must commit to:

  • Positively promote All Care Health Center messages and themes to their network;
  • Engage with All Care personnel on potential collaboration opportunities;
  • Share their success stories of community health related initiatives, activities, and events;
  • Serve as an example by educating employees, customers, and the community on the critical work community health centers do for the overall health of those communities they serve.

As an All Care Ambassador, you will serve as a change agent and leader in the community. You will inspire others to be advocates for community health initiatives. You will promote and support the efforts and outreach of All Care Health Center’s programs. To support All Care Ambassadors, All Care can:

  • Provide outreach content about capabilities, programs, initiatives, and needs;
  • Explore innovative approaches for collaboration with your organization;
  • Assist and participate in a wide variety of community events and outreach opportunities;
  • Recognize you or your organization as an All Care Ambassador; and
  • Share the All Care Ambassador logo for your use.

Building a healthier community requires the efforts of an entire community to reach all segments of society. We must involve everyone in an effort to move people – and society – towards improving community health and providing affordable, quality healthcare services to those in need.

This initiative serves as the connecting hub of a compassionate and caring network of local healthcare, government, media, nonprofit organizations, business, and industry, and many others who are working together to address the needs of community health priorities.

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Any organization, government entity, business large or small, non-profit and non-governmental organization, academia, or individual can become an All Care Ambassador.