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All Care Health Center began in 1997 as Council Bluffs Community Health Center, located at Place 35 in the west part of Council Bluffs. In 1998, as the need for services grew, the clinic was relocated inside the Omni Center as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Since then, a dental clinic, pharmacy, handicapped accessible van and many additional services have been added to eliminate barriers for the entire community.

Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive, high quality health care to the entire community.

Core Values


The delivery of healthcare services must be patient focused and equitable. Quality and performance are the key components in providing flexibility, determining patient satisfaction, offering services that are affordable to our patients, and in all other attributes of patient care deliver.


Barriers to care, whether physical or financial are addressed. Through referrals and collaboration with local physicians, hospitals and other community organizations specialty services and medications are provided.

Business Perspective

Focus on strategic direction and on patients and customers. Use measures, indicators and organizational knowledge to build your key strategies.


The organization’s senior leaders should create a leadership system that includes both clinical and administrative leaders and fosters the integration and alignment of business and clinical directions.


An organization’s success depends increasingly on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of its entire staff and partners, including both paid staff and volunteers.

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