Epic Changes Coming to All Care

Over the past several years, All Care has worked through some great transformations to improve the patient experience. Because the patient is at the center of our work, we want to continue to make the experience at All Care Epic!

Late this summer, All Care will move to Epic, an integrated, standard, and comprehensive electronic health record system that supports Iowa’s health centers to achieve health equity for all. Epic will safely and effectively support the patients of All Care Health Center while producing high-quality data that is trusted, easy to understand, meaningful, and actionable for patient care and population health. Simply stated, it will help the All Care team provide our patients with an even better care experience.  

Over 253 million American patients and over 285 million worldwide have an electronic health record in Epic. Epic is a best-in-class solution that will provide integrated care to patients within and across health centers. Patients can expect a better patient portal to view lab results and other information so they can work alongside their providers for optimum health outcomes. 

All Care Health Center is among eleven community health centers in Iowa currently in the conversion implementation phase. Go live is expected on August 29. Stay tuned for more patient-centered Epic information regarding what patients can expect.