Translation, Interpretation and Transportation

Translation and Interpretation

All Care Health Center has bilingual staff available to provide interpretation and translation services to its non-English speaking patients. Spanish interpreters are available on-site at All Care, free of charge. Interpreters for speakers of other languages are made available through a telephone service, or through an innovative certified video medical interpreter system called Martti.

Transportation Services

We understand that life happens and you may find yourself without transportation. For Council Bluffs residents, we offer free transportation services for our patients. We will come to your house or place of employment, drive you to your appointment, and return you to your home or workplace, after your appointment. Our All Care van is also handicap accessible. This service can also help with the delivery of your All Care prescriptions.  To find out more, call 712-325-1990.

Partnership Services

Bridges Out of Poverty – Getting Ahead Sessions

Things are not hopeless for those struggling with low wages and instability. We believe that people are problem solvers. When given a safe, agenda-free learning environment where they can reflect on and examine their own lives, positive things happen. That’s what Getting Ahead is all about.

When you join Getting Ahead sessions, you explore the impact poverty has on individuals, families and communities. Then you use session information, and your own experiences, to create personal goals to implement positive change. Imagine it like this: 12-14 people sitting around a kitchen table talking freely, openly and without fear of judgement. One of them is a facilitator; the others are investigators (the participants). You are not directed, pressured or dictated to change. You are simply guided by the facilitator to explore, examine, process new information and come up with solutions. You also get paid a stipend because of the value you bring to the table that helps make Getting Ahead successful for everyone involved. 70% of people completing “Getting Ahead” earn more money and all have new skills, goals and more hope! And, as a bonus, you will earn $400 while you learn!  Check for available classes!

Call 712-325-1990 to learn more.