Be a positive voice in our community, become an advocate.

Lobbying vs. Advocacy

  • Lobbying: is direct contact of an elected official to influence specific legislation or policy decisions.
  • Advocacy: we ask for bipartisan engagement to educate and raise awareness.  Tell your story!

What can I do as an advocate?

  • Share your healthcare story & the community’s healthcare needs with elected officials.
  • Share our social media posts on your page.
  • Participate in National Health Center Week  & other events.
  • Sign up for All Care’s monthly newsletter to see what’s happening.

Advocacy on a National Scale

You can join over 100,000 community health center advocates from across the nation through The Health Center Advocacy Network.  We look forward to having you as part of our movement!

Advocating for Iowa

VoterVoice is Iowa’s online advocacy tool, which allows community members to support community health centers and expand access to care. You can choose to be part of this network!