Resolutions?  Goals?  Intentions? 

Are you one to look ahead to the new year with a clean slate, a fresh calendar, and a list of goals? All Care hopes that working toward your best health is on that list of plans in 2024.  

The best way to set the stage to work toward your optimal health is to meet with your medical provider to establish a baseline of your current health. These visits can be called annual physicals or well-checks. Most insurance plans pay 100% for one of these visits yearly because it can catch medical issues early. Many of us make sure our kids have these visits, especially in their early years, but we forget that annual physicals are just as important for adults.  

An adult annual physical exam allows you to check your overall health and screen for chronic diseases. Diseases that tend to sneak up on adults include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. By scheduling your annual physical, your medical provider can update your family medical history to interpret what it means for your current lifestyle, suggest tips, and recommend screening or testing options for conditions you may be more at risk for developing.  

Have you had a recent physical? If not, stop whatever you are doing and call to schedule your annual physical exam. Remind the person sitting next to you to do the same.

All Care wishes good health to all in 2024!