Have you visited All Care’s Mobile Medical Clinic?

As All Care’s Mobile Medical Clinic continues to grow, it is now traveling to five Council Bluffs Community School District campuses. 

All Care implemented school-based healthcare, in collaboration with the Council Bluffs Community School District, as a critical role to ensure that our community youth have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare and to support students’ academic success. By providing this care, school-based health programs are proven to positively impact student health and learning. 

All Care’s Mobile Medical Clinic addresses financial barriers. For uninsured and underinsured students, All Care’s services are available at minimal out-of-pocket cost, using a sliding fee scale. All Care can also help enroll these eligible students in much-needed health insurance, such as Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Enrollment assistance is free.  

Parents benefit from school-based care with the knowledge that their child can receive health care without leaving school. Employers of parents appreciate reduced employee productivity losses because of missed work time to care for sick children or transport them to medical settings. Parents appreciate not missing hours of pay. School communities benefit because healthcare needs can be addressed on-site, reducing missed class time and absenteeism.  

All Care’s mobile medical clinic services include health maintenance supervision or well-child care, immunizations, sick visits, and laboratory services. Services can help students with chronic medical concerns with the goal of improving their academic success. 

All Care joined the school-based healthcare movement because they believe in improving access to care, improving health outcomes, and reducing health disparities. School-based healthcare is not only a benefit to students but is also available to staff and student families. If you and your favorite student have not peeked inside All Care’s mobile medical clinic, it is time to take a look. Schedule an appointment at (712) 325-1990.