Continued Support for Critical Funding is Still Needed.

With the federal budget deadline delayed, All Care is asking Congress to work together and pass a bipartisan bill. This bill should extend and raise funding for community health centers, meeting or surpassing the levels proposed by the House in the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act before March 22.

For nearly 60 years, Community Health Centers have been offering affordable primary and preventive care services to everyone, regardless of their insurance status. They adjust fees based on income. All Care Health Center is one of over 1,400 organizations serving thousands of communities nationwide.

Health centers cater to over 31 million patients, including almost 9 million children, nearly 400,000 veterans, and over 9.6 million rural residents. They provide care for one in five Medicaid beneficiaries and one in three people living in poverty. The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that health center funding leads to more cost-effective care and lower Medicaid and Medicare spending by reducing unnecessary procedures, hospital stays, and Emergency Room visits.

Additionally, Community Health Centers play a vital role in the economy, supporting over 500,000 jobs and generating $84.8 billion in total economic activity.

In December 2023, a strong bipartisan majority in the House passed the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act to expand access to affordable primary, behavioral, and dental care in rural and underserved areas, reduce preventable hospital stays and emergency department visits, and address rising costs due to inflation, workforce shortages, and uninsured patients seeking care.

Long-term funding certainty is needed to ensure Community Health Centers can recruit and retain essential providers, plan for patient needs, and sustain operations. Month-to-month fiscal uncertainty is not conducive to providing healthcare for millions of Americans. Congress must provide predictability and stability by investing in a long-term extension and increasing funding for Community Health Centers.

All Care urges Congress to finalize a bipartisan bill before the March 22 deadline, ensuring funding for health centers and primary care workforce programs meets or exceeds levels proposed by the House in the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act.

As a supporter of community health, please consider using your voice to encourage Congress.