IGNITE Pathways to Anxiety Management

All Care’s outreach team recently attended the IGNITE Her: A Path to Women’s Health and Wellness event at IGNITE Pathways in Woodbine, Iowa. (If you aren’t familiar with IGNITE, you are missing out!)  

When preparing for the event, our outreach team talked to Amanda McCormick, All Care’s Mental Health Department Supervisor, to ask if there was a women’s health issue that we should focus on. Mandy stated, “For women, one of the most substantial (mental health) issues is anxiety.” 

To prepare for the event, our team focused on simple ways to connect with anyone, not just women, who may have anxiety to let them know that a mental health provider can provide tools to help manage anxiety. Breathing exercises are one tool that an All Care provider may help you learn.   

If you are wondering if you should have a conversation with a therapist about your anxiety, don’t hesitate to reach out. Although not intended to replace a clinical assessment or diagnosis, a self-assessment tool is available on All Care’s website. It is based on the General Anxiety Disorder–7 scale, a 7-item scale that evaluates the frequency and severity of your anxiety. It just takes a few moments and may help you take that first needed step. And if you decide to talk to a therapist, give All Care a call.