Physician’s Assistant Leah Abebe Joins All Care

Leah Abebe, a dedicated Physician’s Assistant, is excited to announce her new role with All Care Health Center, where she will be serving patients in both the school-based mobile medical clinic and the main health center. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise, earned through her diverse educational background and professional journey.

Leah Abebe’s academic journey began at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where she earned a Bachelor of Biological Sciences with minors in Psychology and English. Motivated by her passion for science and a desire to make a positive impact, Leah delved into the field of youth development, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in an after-school setting. Her commitment to fostering the next generation’s interest in STEM subjects laid the foundation for her desire to care for kids.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge and a career dedicated to serving others, Leah transitioned into conservation management as a program coordinator, further honing her skills in leadership and community engagement. However, her unwavering passion for the sciences and her innate desire to work closely with individuals led her to pursue higher education in healthcare.

Leah embarked on a journey at the University of St. Francis, where she earned a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. During her time at St. Francis, Leah immersed herself in various healthcare experiences, catering to patients with diverse needs ranging from trauma and orthopedics to home care for the aging population. Her dedication and commitment to providing quality care shone through as she gained invaluable experience in these different healthcare settings.

As a Physician’s Assistant, Leah Abebe has previously specialized in women’s health. Leah has developed expertise in birth control and sexually transmitted infection management, cancer screenings, gender affirming hormone therapy, and mental health management. Her commitment to women’s health extends to specialized procedures, including IUD and etonogestrel implant insertions and removals, where she has demonstrated special proficiency. 

Leah Abebe’s dedication to her patients, her experience with youth, and her specialized practicing make her a valuable addition to the All Care team. Her warm and compassionate demeanor, coupled with her extensive medical knowledge, ensures that every patient receives the highest quality of care and attention.

Leah is excited to build her career around our community’s youth, aboard the mobile medical clinic as it visits Council Bluffs Community School sites.  Leah will also practice at All Care Health Center’s, 902 South 6th Street location. She is ready to have a busy schedule and welcomes new patients!